Thursday, December 29, 2005

Wild wind last night!!!

Went roping with a good buddy of mine to the Rafter 4S. Took his truck and trailer as mine doesn't have lights. We headed out about 5:30, and we weren't due to rope till 8:00, so we figured we'd stop in at the Outback for some steak. I hadn't been there for five years and I forgot how spendy they are! The waitresses were friendly but looked like they were from Australia... They guffed our order up and we ended up having our meals boxed up so we'd make it to rope on time. No tip> No I am not cheap but when a place messes your order up like that and does nothing to correct it, I don't feel like they earned thier keep. I roped pretty decent, heck I was 20 for 25, lots of legs, but a few really good slicks. As we left to head home the wind came up and was blowing like heck! We didn't use too much gas in getting home, and it looked like the rain that was falling was trying to outrun us! Got home about midnight, pretty good deal if you ask me. The simple fact is the worst day roping is WAY better than the best day at work!

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