Saturday, December 31, 2005

Rain... and MUD

Heck, it hasn't stopped raining here for two days, course, it started out in the form of snow. Made some heckuva mess of our pens and the horses are up to thier knees in mud...That made it tough to get to the Rafter 4S to go roping yesterday. I roped with some good folks, had a great time. Getting there was a bit tough, as I took my truck and it is a two-wheel drive. I'd hit the gas and fishtail, with the trailer. a bit scary. Roping sure was fun though. I have determined that my Christmas present of Crooked Stirrups was about the best gift that I got from mom and dad. They are soooooo comfortable. I would tell anyone who has bad knees and ropes to try a pair... Don't get the knockoffs, get the real things, if they don't have the logo of the CrookedStirrups on it it ain't real... OH Happy New Year to everyone and Happy Birthday to my big brother, Riley. I hope this new year has as much in store as the last 23 years of my life has.

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