Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New kid in town

I have made it to the big city of Boise. I have my own office, parking spot and a name tag. I know that isn't too impresive, but for a kid who is still a bit wet behind the ears to big city livin', I don't think I am doing too bad. I commute to work and it takes about 18 t0 30 minutes to travel a whopping 11 miles. That is not normal for me... I used to drive from Rexburg to I.F. in 30 minutes and that is 25 miles! Good crud. I have been shown the capitol building, could have attended the State of the State with good seats, but didn't. I was beat. Life is funny in the way you are presented with opportunities to get toknow more people, I have met a whole bunch of folks that have fancy titles and carry alot of weight with them. I can honestly say its a bit intimidating, but heck I guess that is life... Life is going pretty good and I am not one too complain, remember that when you complain 50% of the folks you complain to don't care, and the other 50% are glad that you have the problem. Off to more meetings this afternoon and wahooey!

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