Friday, August 31, 2007

My wife and Rain

Okay, so maybe the title should be about my wife and thunder... I never would have guessed one year ago that I would be were I am right now. You should see her, just running around the house like a little girl. She is so stinkin cute...
I would like to point out to all of you that it has been over a year since Olivia and I met. We have now been married six months. How great is that? I am one lucky man. Course, as I always say, "I'd rather be lucky than good."

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mccord...i am so glad to hear you are loving married life as much as you are! i am sure you take just as good care of your wife as she does you.

glad to hear law school is keeping you on your toes...and even cleaning up that cowboy mouth of yours :). good luck and remember to have fun!