Friday, March 14, 2008

For those of you who thought I was perfect...

I may have taken the plunge into the abyss of weirdness, I joined the social network utility know as Facebook. This is a strange new world that I am unaccustomed to. Hopefully I am not fully assimilated. We shall see. I felt like I was almost joining the collective known as the Borg, you know, from Star Trek. Kinda freaky.
In other news: I am becoming a grown up, had to change the cell phone plan to include Olivia, we are on a family plan. I am not a fan of such things, but we had to. I just hope we can keep our minutes tamed. I used to talk a ton on my phone, but now the one person I did most of my talking to sleeps with me, and I with her, so we don't eat up a ton of time. We did do the "My Faves" thing, so we shall see who gets those honors.
Spring Break has pretty much sucked eggs for me. I have been sick to the point of not being able to even write my paper. NOT GOOD, it is due next Friday, oh well, we'll see what happens
HOWEVER, I did get something done. I completed my first 50 rounds of reloading ammunition. I made up some 158 grain Lead Round Nose .38 Specials. They look pretty good, except two that got over crimped. I may not take the chance on firing those. Pictures of reloading will come, I assure you.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods, wherever that is. Have a good weekend and check out my profile on Facebook!
PS Thanks to the Todds for the awesome desk!


Josh said...

For about the past year, I too have been under great pressure to assimilate and join face book. Thus far I have been able to hold out. But the thought has crossed my mind and my deep roots in laziness continue to win.

Randy said...

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the desk. I certainly am missing it. There's nothing like studying to the soothing sound of the dishwasher. However, I'm sure the man-child will appreciate having a room to sleep in.
Now, stop reading your blog and get back to work on your brief!!!

Nat&Wes said...

UM HELLO!!! I have been a terrible friend lately! I haven't called you guys in forever. We need to plan a vacation or something so we can play! I miss chattin' with you guys! I hope all is well.... well it sounds like all is for sure well. Olivia I LOVE your hair, you look so pretty! Talk to you guys later! Loves from me!

Steve said...

I just find it interesting that thus far 80% of the people that voted on your latest poll think that Liv, themselves, and two dead guys should be on your Favs list. I did not vote for the dead guys by the way.