Saturday, March 29, 2008

Soon life will be back to normal...

I am happy to announce that I am sort of finished with my Appellate Brief. The reason I say sort of, is I am in the polishing stage of this gem. I am going to put it away, enjoy Church tomorrow and look at it afresh on Monday Morning.
Tuesday will be like a new life. I am certain almost all of my classmates will say the same thing, LETS GET PLASTERED!!! I don't even drink and that sounds like a good idea, almost. I have typed a lot today, so I am going to leave this post as is, and maybe post this coming week.

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The Holloways said...

HELLO THERE! long time no see--(it's me, Rachel, your former Viking House manager) I randomly found you on facebook through someone else and there was your bloggy address, so here I am to check out the life you and your cute wife!

We hope you are doing well--grad school is tough isn't it!?? We live in Ohio and Brandon is going to Podiatry school. LONG days... :)

Anyway, feel free to check out our blog too.