Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good News:

I got an email yesterday that I have been accepted to the Waters of the West Masters Program. Yahoo! It means one more year of school past Law School, but it also means that when I graduate I will have both a J.D. and a Masters.
In related news: Olivia and I are moving! We are moving out of town into an apartment over a house. We are pretty excited to get out in the country, away from all the frat boys, sorority girls and the loud peeps who live behind us. The place is pretty, and quite nice. We will probably put pics up soon.
In other news: My Ruger is broken. I will have to send it away for repair, which means that I will be unarmed for the next three weeks (though I may convince Liv to let me get a lever action Marlin).
In World News: Congratulations out to Emi, she got married! The pictures she sent are gorgeous!
And finally today: We will miss all our school friends who are leaving. I hope all of you have some good times over the summer. Stay cool...


Kendal said...

way to go McCord! You are officially on your way. Congrats on your new house, program, and FREEEEDOM from Mernard-ness!

Mike said...

I am sorely disappointed that the blog is now possum free and that they have been sacrificed at the "green" altar of Al Gore. how are things?