Sunday, May 10, 2009

Here's to Mom:

Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's.
Olivia is ready to be a mom, but Wally is not ready to be out yet. Olivia's feet and legs are swollen and she cannot get comfortable at all. Poor girl. We got pre-registered at the Hospital and took a tour of the facility. Quite the deal. I hope we get to return to the hospital soon, for Olivia's sake. Of course, the nurse giving our tour said that the baby knows when it is time and there is usually good reason why they do not come until they are ready.
I know Olivia will be a great mother. She has good examples: Risa (Olivia's Mom), Lois (Olivia's Maternal Grandma), Holly (my Mom), Jean (my maternal Grandma), Marj (my paternal Grandma), Devonie, Michelle, Lindsay, Pat, and all our other friends and relations.
Be thankful for your mom today.

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Sarah Preston said...

Olivia is going to be such a great mom! Keep us informed about when the little guy makes his big appearance!!!