Monday, May 18, 2009


So it was 4 in the morning and Olivia was feeding Wally, however, he just wouldn't latch on. So I took him and started tapping the air out of him. He promptly began hiccuping. This is probably the cutest set of hiccups I have ever heard. Sorry I didn't get audio, but next time, maybe.
We will be checking out of the hospital today and going home. Sorry about not being very contactable, we have been trying to feed/rest the last 24 hrs. and it has been a trip. I promise we will catch up with all our voice mails.
Olivia is sore and stiff, but otherwise pretty good. Wally is getting this eating thing figured out. Risa has been a huge help. Nothing like experience to help see when a baby is full of air/won't eat, what a good grandma!
Thanks for all the support, verbal and otherwise. Thanks for your continued prayers. We hope Wally's cousin, Austin, gets feeling better. We love all ya'll!

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Kona & Jared Harper said...

very cute. I love the picture of mommy and baby. Congrats.