Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Madelyn's Birth and the Name Game

It's one o'clock in the morning. I'm getting up to use the bathroom. Upon returning to my bed, I noticed a slight leak.

"Aww crap. Really?! I just went!" I silently said.

Trying to hold it in I attempt to roll out of bed when GUSH! my water broke. Within the next five minutes contractions had started. Knowing that the first stage of labor is forever long for me, I laid a pile of towels over the wet spot and went back to sleep. I woke about an hour later and decided my time would probably be better spent waiting for everything to drain. Back to the bathroom.

When I decided it was safe, I went to wake McCord. I shook his shoulder and told him to wake up; my water had broke. His groggy and surprised response was "Did I pee the bed?"

Yes hun, you peed the bed.

And it stinks.

Bahaha not really, but it was pretty funny to hear him so concerned about peeing the bed :)

And he must not of listened to the part about my water breaking.

Anyway, he got up and I began packing our hospital bag. I was not prepared for her early arrival, you see. He showered and then ran me a hot bath in the jet tub. It was glorious. But then I began to wonder if she would be alright without amniotic fluid and of course then the mommy worry set in. I got out, dressed, and put my makeup on. Can't be going in to have a baby looking like frumpy old maid. Mac called the hospital to let them know we would be there in a few hours. Oh, and I packed a bag for Harrison's stay with Grandma and Grandpa Larsen.

McCord called his parents to ask if they would take Harrison. They never answered. I called my mom and informed her of the impending birth. By this time it was 5 am. We pack the truck, wake Harrison and off we go! My contractions were pretty regular, coming every five-eight minutes and lasting nearly a minute. Not too painful, just slow and regular. We drop Harrison off at the granny's. Holly is just checking our messages as we walk in the door. Brent and McCord give me a blessing and let me tell ya, it was one of the most comforting blessings thus far. I really felt calm and confident about whatever would happen. It was all going to be ok, no matter the circumstance.

Around 5:30 the nurses hook me up to the monitors, and about thirty minutes later I am admitted. We hadn't pre-registered yet; that was on the to-do list the following week. So after a lot of business talk and paper work, I was left to rest until the doctor came around 7:30. I wasn't making much progress, maybe a two. So I was started on pitocin and given permission to walk around for a hour. We went and visited Aunt Sally. She was in for gall bladder surgery, but recovering well. Half way through our excursion we ran into my mom and sister! So they joined us in our small, but cozy delivery suite. By then I had dilated to almost a five!

We went back to the room and I laid down for a while after the nurse turned up the pit. I tried to mentally prepare for the increasing pain, but my contractions had started coupling (and that is exhausting!). Around noon the nurse came in and said it was my last chance for an epidural as the anethesiologist was headed into surgery for the next two hours. So I agreed and he came and hooked me up with the drugs. It was heavenly! My first epidural was not good, but this one completely changed my view! I slept for about two hours until I felt something fall out. I asked Mac to look and all he said was "Wow... that's a lot of blood... we better get the nurse." Come to find out, she was actually crowning. The nurse came in, checked, and ran to call the doctor. A minute later Dr. came running in and I started pushing. After about five pushes she was out!

She was born posterior (face up) and wasn't breathing well. She went into the warmer and called a respiration specialist. Mac was seriously concerned. I haven't seen him that scared in, well, ever... I think. Oddly, I was still smiling and confident she was just fine. The nurses also failed to tell us she wouldn't cry on the respirator. After 15 minutes she was good to go. She was weighed and measured, then brought to me. We snuggled skin to skin. Let me tell ya, that is the *best* way to bond after birth! Even six weeks later I can strip her down, snuggle skin to skin and she calms right down.

I'm hesitant to post photos other than what's on FB. She really was so bruised, smashed, and swollen its scary. Mac describes her as a jar of mushed grape jelly covered in a slimy white film. Poor thing was ugly, even from an unconditional mothers love point of view. As soon as everything smoothes out, I'll post lots :)

Now for the name game. We had talked about it for months, but nothing really felt 'right'. So we decided to wait until we saw her. And even after her birth, whenever I called her those various names, they still didn't fit. Five days later, she still remained Baby Girl. So after incessant talking and brainstorming, we settled on Madelyn Rosalie (pronounced like Rosalee). It's my grandmothers middle name. And I've loved the name Madelyn since my youth.

Sorry to bore you all with the details, but I need them because I know I'll forget nearly everything in a few months. If ya made it this far, Thanks!

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