Wednesday, October 19, 2011

As promised, Pictures :)

Madelyn is now 2 months old and I can't believe it! She is such a good baby.

She sleeps for 7 hour stretches at night, and naps and eats really well during the day. She only cries when she's hungry or tired. And when she's awake, she is very alert to her surroundings.

Meeting Madelyn for the 1st time

Middle of the night cuteness

Harrison trying to hold her hand :)

Sweet little sleeper

Giving me 'the business'

Harrison has had trouble adjusting to having her in our lives. He often tells me 'Baby, Down!' or 'Bed!' in a deep angry voice. He tries to smother her with pillows, pull her off my lap, and generally despise her existence with mean attention. He yells and screams and flails on the floor until he is the center of attention and Madelyn is out of sight. One time he even threw himself on hot asphalt because he didn't want her to come in the store with us. I was blessed however by a sweet lady who offered to carry Madelyn in so I could take care of Harrison.

This is a normal and frequent occasion in our home

Although that has been the norm for the past eight weeks, I think we are finally turning a new page. His tantrums and all around disgust for her are diminishing, even to the point that he occasionally gives her kind attention. The other morning I found him climbing onto her bouncy seat to help soothe her. No it wasn't the best way to help, but I found the act endearing. He calls her baby sis instead of growling 'baby!'. And this morning he tried to give her a bottle when she was crying.

I have felt my love grow sooo much in these short weeks. It's absolutely insane! But I am extremely happy and feel sure that being a mother is my most important role. My heart leaps when I see my babies, and knowing that we will be a family for eternity gives me the butterflies times ten. I love these little stinkers so much!

Chubby cheeks and a double chin

This is a bassinet a neighbor gave us. Harrison has claimed it and 'sleeps' in it quite often.

Cheesy excited smile :)

She actually smiles more with her eyes (which I LOVE) than her mouth. And it's becoming more frequent - yay!

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