Thursday, July 24, 2008

What is in a name?

Its just letters right? But tell me friend: What is the difference between an "e" and an "o"? I will tell you: one is our last name: LARSEN; the other is another family, LARSON. Dutch and Sweden, C'mon people! For hell's sake, if the newspaper can get it right, you'd think that the Federal Government could get this right. The name said LARSEN on the marriage license, LARSEN on BOTH my driver's license and Olivia's. AND ON THE FORM OLIVIA FILLED OUT SHE WROTE LARSEN IN MULTIPLE PLACES!!! Why in the world would we get a letter from the Social Security department addressed to OLIVIA LYNN LARSON?!? AWESOME, right?
Chalk one up for human intelligence in our government agencies...

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